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Boattail Sets Sail for Land Downunder
In 2005 my wife and I planned to make a trip to the USA the following year for our 30th wedding anniversary.  Wouldn't it be great to squeeze in a Buick meet or two, wink, wink. 

Hmmn, the ROA (Riviera Owners Assoc) were having theirs in Flagstaff Arizona at the end of June and as luck would have it, the BCA (Buick Club of America) was having theirs in Rochester Minnisota in early July.  Fantastic, we could attend both and do some sightseeing in between.

We booked our accomodation, flights and it added up to five week including a three day stop in Fiji on the way home.  Great, that's all settled.

Hmmn, wouldn't it be really fantastic if we could find a nice 71 Riviera Boattail somewhere close to Flagstaff AZ and drive it to the ROA meet, then the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Las Vegas and finally LA?  The hunt begins in earnest by placing a "Wanted" ad in the BCA magazine.  Some replies started coming in with pictures and details from Michigan, North Carolina, New York state, Gold Beach OR, Redondo Beach CA and Los Angeles.  Too expensive, too far from the west coast, the wrong colour and most had bench seats.

Mike Ordway in Phoenix who helped with the Wildcat emailed me saying he had a colleague at work with a 71 for sale.  Well, some things are just meant to happen aren't they. Phoenix is just three hours south of Flagstaff AZ which was perfect.  We did the deal.

A Brief History on the 71 Boattail
A sensational new Riviera debuted for 1971. A large car with a boattailed rear roof and window section and sweeping side sculpture greeted 1971's Riviera customers. Wheelhouses were wide open after a year of skirted fenders. Riviera shared Full-Flo ventilation with other Buicks and had the louvers on the deck lid. Standard features were numerous and included heater and defroster; Custom padded contoured seats; deep pile carpeting; electric clock; smoking set; head restraints; new seat belt system; inside hood lock release; variable power steering; TurboHydramatic; power front disk brakes and dual exhausts.
check out the article in July 09 Australian Classic Car Magazine

Another straight and  rust-free, Arizona
car heads south

The owner agreed to keep the car for three months until we arrived on June 24th, 2006.



From Phoenix to Flagstaff -shredded tyre 171Flat

ROA Members help with some maintenance

Sedona AZ - ROA run  late June 200671Sedona

Almost to Bryce Canyon UTAH71Bryce

Boattail arrives Downunder Sept 05, 200671Container.

The two Rivieras meet at home71and66b

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