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GMH - 6 Cylinder Distributors $259.00

EH, HD, HR, HK, HK, HT, HG, HQ HJ HX HZ - 6 Cylinder Distributor

Remanufactured Distributor Details
Distributor has been completely dismantled
All Parts have been cleaned, Checked and some Bead Blasted
The Housing, Main Shaft, Mechanical Advance, Drive Gear, Cam and Breaker Plate have all been checked for serviceability and if not serviceable, have been replaced.
New Bosch Parts have been used, (Contact Points, Condenser, Rotor, Distributor Cap, Shims and Fibre Washers).
Metal Drive Gear New Aftermarket Primary Wire Lead, (Made in Australia), this Part was deleted by Bosch and GMH Holden years ago and are now only available as part of a Mako Remanufactured Distributor.
Distributor Cap Clips have been painted in the correct original GMH Colour.
The Distributor has been fully Tested and Set Up on a SUN Distributor Tester

The Distributor comes with a 12 Months Warranty

($50 extra until we receive yours)


GMH 6 Cylinder Holden HQ HJ HX HZ 202 cu in #9230 062 612 J-PFU6 GMH 2820111 Remanufactured Distributor Details The Distributor has been completely disassembled and rebuilt. Includes New Parts or Remanufactured Parts Bead Blasted, Re Painted, Regreased, Vacuum Unit, Bosch Contact Point Set, Bosch Condenser, Bosch Rotor Bosch Distributor Cap, New Centrifical Springs, Centrifical Advance Mechanism fully Checked, Greased and Tested Main Shaft. Checked and Greased Metal Drive Gear, Bushes will be checked and replaced if unserviceable New Bosch Main Shaft Washers Fully Tested and Setup on a SUN Distributor Tester 12 Months Warranty on Parts