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63-65 Buick Riviera Sway Bar upgrades and kits $0.00

Australian Made
Our sway bars are professionally made with over 40 years experience using the finest grade spring steel and available for all makes and models of cars. Painted in your choice of five available colours. Each bar is supplied with polyurethane mounting D-bushes and D-brackets ready to bolt on. Some are complete kits with all mounting hardware.

Definition A sway bar (also referred to as a stabilizer bar, anti-sway bar, roll bar, or anti-roll bar, ARB) is an automobile suspension device. It connects opposite (left/right) wheels together through short lever arms linked by a torsion spring. A sway bar increases the suspension's roll stiffness its resistance to roll in turns, independent of its spring rate in the vertical direction.

Expected Improvements Without reducing comfort, a custom-made sway bar will improve your suspension and tyre's performance. More grip and better response to all road conditions.

Delivery: Custom-made & shipped by courier (allow 7-8 weeks at the moment)

Rear Sway Bar Kit - check price

Bolt-in, no cutting or welding 22mm in dia. includes all mounting hardware required.
About one hour installation. (see detailed online instructions)

Front Sway Bar upgrade - check price

Replacement heavy duty front bar 26mm dia with new urethane D-bushes and saddles.


Rear is a complete kit with all mounting hardware.
Effeciently and securely packed for minimal shipping costs. (Front 6kg - Rear 8kg)